CBS Sport Summer Party


Sold Out

Sorry, the ticket sale for this event has been already closed.
Date: 31-08-2019
Time: 18:00
Place: Cock’s & Cows Ravnsborggade

*CBS Sport Members Only*

The tickets for the CBS Sport Summer Party are up for grabs. See more info at the Facebook event here. First come, first serve - so be quick!

We are looking forward to party with all of CBS Sports’ members.


The event will take place the 31 August at 18:00 and continue into the night. As always there will be good food & beer (and other drinks, also non alcoholic). This year our Event Manager got us a sweet deal with Cock's and Cows so all of us will be enjoying a nice burger. All served in a private room where CBS Sport members can enjoy each others company :) 
Cock's & Cows
Ravnsborggade 14
2200 København
The deadline for signing up is August 25, 2019.

If you have any questions regarding the party, please contact us on

We are looking forward to an amazing night! The first beer is on us!

Sunny wishes, 
The CBS Sport Party Crew