CBS Sport Christmas Party 2019


By buying the ticket to CBS Sport Christmas Party 2019 you are agreeing with the following privacy statement:

"I consent, that CBS Sport takes pictures during this event on which I might appear. I consent that the pictures taken on the event might appear on the official social media pages of CBS Sport."

NOTE: you can buy only 1 ticket per order/person. It is important for us to have an accurate list of guests for this event. :)


It's finally time for the CBS Sport Christmas Party!

The event will be held at Nexus, where traditional Danish Christmas dishes will be served. 

Nexus will open up for the party at 18:30 with the traditional blue CBS Sport slush ice spiced up with a bit of vodka - so first come first served! 
At 19:00 the dinner from Spisestuerne will be served (so don't be late). 

"Pakkeleg" will be held after the dinner and if you would like to participate, choose the option "Yes" for "Pakkeleg" when buing your ticket. You will have to bring a simple and cheap gift if you would like to join the game. The ticket fee for all "Pakkeleg" participants will be reduced by 20 kr.

Not a member of CBS Sport? Don't worry! You can still join the party by purchasing a Passive Membership for 50 kr. This will keep you a member for the rest of the semester and you will have the opportunity to participate in the different CBS Sport events.